What 2016 Taught Me…

Well folks 2016 is on its way out and 2017 is making its way in, and what a whilwind of a year  it’s been. Lots happened to me good and bad…. with the bad seemingly outweighing the good. However, though this year was rough, 2016 taught me a lot of things.

2016 taught me that God truly hears every cry of mine and He always finds a way to send help right in the nick of time!

2016 taught me that God brings peace in the midst of even the most difficult situations and constantly shows me reminders of His grace.

2016 showed me that sometimes people are to be in your life for just a season and God has taught me to how to be okay with that!

2016 has taught me to see the beauty in every moment… even the tough ones.

My desire for 2017 is to live life to its fullest. To live the life God intended for me. To enjoy each moment and to continue to love endlessly!

One thing that 2016 tried to rob from me ( and succeeded several times) was my smile!!  I am walking into 2017 with the biggest smile ever!  There’s one last song I want to leave you with this year and coincidentally the song is entitled “Smile” by Jonathan Nelson.

Have a marvelous New Years eve ! Be safe and remember to smile!! Bring it on 2017…. I’m ready for ya!



ps: 17 has always been my “lucky” ( blessed) number… just saying 🙂




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