Food Files: The Coop Wicked Chicken…

Hey guys!

I’m back again with another edition of food files! This time I stopped in at another local spot called, “The Coop Wicked Chicken”.  The Coop is located in downtown Hamilton Ontario. With lots of new trendy restaurants popping up on Locke and James streets respectively, its nice to see a restaurant open on one of the main streets of the downtown core.

So what exactly is “The Coop”? You’ve probably surmised from is name, that it is a restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes.  They have everything from chicken burgers to chicken and waffle dishes. But before I talk about the food, lets talk about the restaurant itself.

When I first walked in the first place thing I noticed was the amazing graffiti artwork on the walls. I really liked the industrial/ distressed wood decor and ambiance. There were a couple of tv’s placed around the restaurant for the sports lovers. Also the dining area had a loft that would be good to book if perhaps you were having a small get together. Coop has this epic coke machine that you can choose from an abundance of different beverages! So cool!  Both times I went to Coop, I sat in the loft section and what was cool about that was that you could actually see the prep area and basically watch them prepare your meal.  This restaurant seems to be geared towards a more mature clientele, like 20+ years old. It’s not exactly family oriented as they play very mature music ( no radio edits lol) and the atmosphere is pretty loud and bar like. There is a disclaimer on the door though that explains that the music they play may contain explicit content which I thought was wise! I enjoyed the music because Im an 80’s baby and they were playing all kinds of early 90’s R and B and hip hop! Dope!


Let’s move on to the food! The first time I went, I ordered the Nashville Chicken Sandwich.  The sides are sold separately  so I added waffle fries to my order as well as a fountain drink. The sandwich was well seasoned ( with a little bit of a kick to it) and the bun was nice and soft( which I love!)  The waffle fries were just okay. I may be biased because the best waffle fries I’ve ever had were from “Chik-Fil- A,” ( American Food Chain) and so every other waffle fry is just mediocre in comparison (lol sorry) and for the price of the side ( $2.99) and the 6 fries I got… I’d suggest you skip the waffle fries. The presentation was really cute! All in all, I would definitely get this item off the menu again. img_3640The next time I went,  I decided to try the Chicken and waffle option as well as the crispy dil pickles as a side. Guys…. These dill pickles were AMAZING! If ( and by if I mean when!) I go back I would definitely get these again.  Now the waffle was really soft and was garnished with an egg , bacon crumble and green onions.  It was presented nicely and tasted phenomenal . My only qualm with this item was that it was super teeny tiny! I would’ve enjoyed so much better if there was more of it to enjoy!


So heres my final wrap up of Coop:

-central location
-cool ambiance
-well seasoned food
– awesome presentation
– reasonable prices

-very small portions
– items sold separately

I would visit again and if you’re ever in the Hamilton, Ontario ( or Burlington ) area stop in and check them out!



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