We Will Fight For You…

Disclaimer: This post is simply how I’m feeling at the moment. I literally watched a man on camera being shot multiple times by law enforcement. Yes, All Lives Matter but let’s remember to include Black Lives in that conception…. No disrespect to anyone… ❤

Guys…. my heart is once again distraught over another senseless killing of a young black man at the hands of law enforcement. Alton Sterling… I don’t know everything about you or what happened before or after the cameras went off… all I know is that you didn’t deserve to be held down and gunned down like an animal in street… neither did Trayvon, Eric, Mike, Sean, Amadou and countless others… Pray for peace in these streets y’all……

Philippians 4:7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. 

These are my words in a poem.

This piece is entitled, “We will fight for you”

God bless the dearly departed..
The ones who did nothing more than
Lose a battle that was started…

A war raged on men of a particular hue.
A man like your father, your son…. even you
To be protected by those who wear blue
Instead shot six times, the gunman took his cue
5 kids are fatherless too,

Can’t walk home with some skittles or some juice
They can kill you, make it look like protection from abuse
They can tell a lie the dash cam can refute… dispute
Take the case to court and it gets the boot

How long must we suffer the plight of today?
Where nowhere is safe if your melanin is darker than whitish grey
Leading you astray… astray meaning right where you are supposed to be
Minding your own business
Now they hear your pleas…

They get mad when we chant Black Lives Matter
All Lives matter they hoot and they holler

But… when do they have to worry about sending their white son to the store?
And him not returning..6 shots he’s no more

Sure, All lives matter,  but black ones do too
Alton, Mike, Trayvon, Sandra
We will fight for you

No justice NO PEACE
Know Justice Know PEACE

No conviction rings true….
Eric, Sean Amadou
We will fight for you

Judgement is not ours
Let PEACE abound too

Tamir, Freddie, Kimani..
We will fight for you…
WE WILL fight for you…

I pray for peace and comfort for those who have lost loved ones to senseless crimes at the hands of those who are called to serve and protect….

Be safe y’all


3 thoughts on “We Will Fight For You…

  1. That piece was beautiful Soph! I’m at a loss for words…don’t really know what to say cuz I am still trying to make sense of this so-called “silent war” that is clearly not so silent anymore. What will we do…what can we do? #speechless #brokenhearted
    fafa 😦


  2. Thank you so much!! Your poem is brilliant!! More than that, it speaks to the heart of how I am feeling, as well as, countless others I can imagine. Again, thank you. I am sharing this on social media and would like to give you credit. Please forgive me for not thinking to ask your permission first. If it is not ok, I will remove them immediately. For now the credit says justlovethemanyway.com. aka Soph. It can be found on my profile pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My Instagram handle is ladymagswan. Blessings!! Wanda Magee


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