Somebody Was Praying For Me…

Somebody.. somewhere was praying for me….

It was a regular Wednesday afternoon. On our lunch break, my co-workers and I decided to carpool together to grocery to pick up a few items, and then across the street to good old KFC fot a popcorn chicken poutine. We jumped in the car and made it safely to the grocery store. As we pulled out of the grocery store into the intersection…BAM! a oncoming car T-boned us and shook the car ( and the people in it) to the core. We luckily escaped with minimal injuries ( a few bumps and bruises and a teeny bit of pain thus far) but man…what an experience.

My mother always stresses the importance of praying over yourself and those you love before you leave the house. It’s just something  I have always done, but really more out of habit. Well now I have first hand experience of why it is so important to ask for God’s covering on you. Yesterday could have been much worse than it was and I truly know its was prayer (  mine and countless others who are always praying for me) that saved our lives yesterday.

While this whole experience was happening, I was so calm. The Holy Spirit the comforter truly manifested himself in me in that moment… ( It seems I may have a gift for being calm in high stress situations… its after when the adrenaline calms down that my weakness pours through)

Sometimes God allows things to happen as a wake up call. Would I truly be ready if God had decided to call me home in that moment? Hmm….

A lot of things are great in my spiritual life…. and a lot of things need work. But that’s why I will be eternally grateful for another chance to right my wrongs! God knows sometimes I stubborn and need a physical reminder that He is in control and not I…

A church mother was visiting my house yesterday and heard about the accident . As she was preparing to leave as she prayed with the family as normal. In no uncertain terms, she spoke everything about my life…. the  good and the not so good and she ended the prayer with : “People are out to hurt you.. and you are letting them… you are letting their demons follow you…and its not one or two… its a whole gang of them out to get you…so be careful… you’ve come too far… be careful.

Well message received. Some things have got to be shifted. The devil is liar. he didn’t win this battle and he most definitely won’t win the war.

I’ll leave this song by Bryan Andrew Wilson called “Turning Away” . The words are so timely to this situation.

Be blessed and continue to pray for me!


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