Monday Motivation: One Year Already!

Hi my name is Sophie, and I’m and introvert with extrovert tendencies! 🙂  As a child, you could almost always find me with my nose in a book  or scribbling some short story down on a piece of paper. Getting lost in my thoughts and creating characters was totally my zen…. but for myself! Never to share with anyone. They were for my own personal enjoyment. So…  had you told me one year ago, that I would be comfortable enough with myself to come on a social media platform and share my words and thoughts and creative passions with people from all walks of life, all over the world, I would have told you that you are crazy! But alas! I did it!

I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve always done it privately. I’ve kept a journal since 1994(lol I found a old one in my drawers the other day) It was always a way for me to express myself. As the years passed on, I allowed myself to deviate from that passion. Over recent years, that strong desire to write has returned. But instead of just writing for fun, I wanted to write with a purpose! I wanted to be able to share all my interests; music, fashion, makeup and at the same time share the gospel. Too many times Christians get put in this category of being “boring”. I wanted to create a platform where people could experience the love of God and read a review of a great makeup product! It is possible to still be relevant in the world while still being set apart ! ( Romans 12:2 : Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.) That’s my desire. To discern God’s will for my life, and I do believe that’s why He waited for this particular time to literally force me into starting this blogging journey.

Old Diary/Journal… Where it all began…. 🙂

My what a journey it’s been! I’ve had an opportunity to really step out of my comfort zone and step away from my introverted ways. I’ve had an opportunity to connect with people from over 120 different countries! ( To God be the Glory!)

This year I want to take this blog to the next level! I have lots of ideas brewing! I couldn’t have achieved any of my minuscule success without the love and support of you AMAZING people!!  I am extremely humbled and forever grateful!

This Monday I wanted to leave you with a song with lyrics very near to my heart. The song is ” I Need You To Survive” by Hezekiah Walker.

The lyrics are as follows:

I need you
You need me
We’re all a part of God’s body
Stand with me
Agree with me
We’re all a part of God’s body
It is his will that every need be supplied
You are important to me
I need you to survive [x2]

I pray for you
You pray for me
I love you
I need you to survive
I won’t harm you
With words from my mouth
I love you
I need you to survive

In order for my dreams to be possible, I need you to survive! Without your( and God’s) love and support I am nothing! So from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!! Stay tuned for bigger and better and remember in all things.. JUST LOVE THEM ANYWAY!! : )


Have a blessed Week!




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