Merry Christmas To All!

Hey y’all!

Is there a specific song that reminds you of Christmas? Or a certain smell? Do you have a certain routine every year. I sure do! As I write this, I reminisce( and anxiously await) the sounds of the Boney M versions of “Mary’s Boy Child” and “Feliz Navidad “( I’m sure many other Jamaican children/ children with Jamaican parents can relate..LOL :p) . Once you heard my dad on the ones and twos ( my dad swears he’s a DJ…. he is pretty good though lol) and heard him doing his traditional mic check, you knew it was time to get up! No matter where we spent Christmas ( Jamaica, my town, Ottawa etc.. my dad found a way to “play that tape”. Oh gosh what a beautiful Christmas tradition. ❤

As you  prepare for the days ( and/or) evening festivities, I just wanted to take the time to extend a warm Merry Christmas to all my readers! Take time out today to spend with loved ones! Create memories! Try not to get caught up in the materialistic side of Christmas. Without CHRIST, there is no CHRISTmas! So keep him the centre of attention today!

Love you all and thanks for all of your support! ” May your days be merry and bright!”




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