Monday Motivation: I’ll Make It

Hey y’all

Your girl is SICK with the FLU! This flu is kicking my butt so bad it’s unbelievable. I have no energy, no strength and barely any voice. This flu hit me like a ton of bricks on Saturday. I had been feeling the starting effects ( scratchy throat, cough, low-grade fever) for a few days prior, but on Saturday evening,,,,  WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM!!  😦 I spent the day in Toronto with my bestie and my cousin. We had some things to take care of and some of my favourite YouTube personalities were going to be in the area we were. I was pumped! I held on until about 7:30 pm when I started to make my way home ( I  live about an hour west of Toronto) I could literally feel myself winding down. By the time I pushed my key in my door, I was finished. 😦

So in honor of my sick ( practically useless) self I’m going to make this a short post! A song came to me this morning as I was getting ready for work its ” I’ll Make It” by Hezekiah Walker and John P. Kee.

I want you to remember no matter how sick ( in body, mind or spirit) you feel or, how defeated you feel you will make it!! It may not seem like it right now, but Psalms 118:17 states: I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord

No matter and stuffy my nose is, how drained I feel, God is still good and still in control and I will forever speak about His goodness, even when my body doesn’t feel like it!

Pray for me y’all and check out this song down below! You will make it!! 🙂



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