Food Files: The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

Hey y’all,

Another “new” restaurant opened up in my city called, The Works. The Works, is a gourmet burger bar. This restaurant is new to my city but not new to me, I went to college in Ottawa Ontario and The Works was a widely popular eatery in that region. This franchise has many locations in Ontario. My girlfriends had never tried this place before, so we decided to check out the new location at one of our girls nights. ( and me being the lover of a good burger was down for the cause of course! :P)

The Works offers a variety of different meats for their burgers: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Veggie, Mushroom Cap, Cheese-Stuffed, Lean Elk. They also offer a variety of bun choices ranging from  white, whole wheat and gluten-free options. The choices are quite extensive. The burgers range from your ordinary cheeseburger ( Ho Hum #1) to wilder choices like the Hunka Hunka which boasts peanut butter, banana slices and bacon ( eek… not my cup of tea, especially since I’m allergic to peanut  butter  🙂 )

Ho Hum #1
Ho Hum #1 : Beef Burger and Cheddar Cheese.
Hunka Hunka
Hunka Hunka ( Peanut butter, banana slices and bacon)

What I particularly enjoy  about this menu and burgers is that they are all able to be customized to your specific preferences and dietary needs. Each burger comes with a specific set of toppings, but if you want to add something you can for a very low price ( 60 cents each additional topping) , At this establishment, you can also get sandwiches, poutine, bar drinks and dessert!

On this particular visit, I decided to be a little more daring than my regular old bacon cheeseburger choices ( see my posts on Chuck’s Burger Bar and The Burger’s Priest.) I decided to try a burger called the “Jamaican Jerk” Burger: Now being Jamaican, I highly doubted the spiciness of this burger so I added hot banana peppers to mine. Boy did this burger have a kick to it! I mean, it wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but it certainly is not a burger for the mild tongued ( Shanice don’t eat this one lol 😛 )  I enjoyed it a lot! To accompany my meal, I had the Get Baked Poutine (Fresh cut fries, gravy, shredded cheese, bacon, sour cream & green onions) So amazing! I would go back to The Works just for that!

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal and would encourage everyone to try this restaurant! It’s not the best burger I have ever eaten, but It was totally worth my money and it was really not harsh on my pockets at all! Oh and a super funny thing happened to me while I was there. The hostess that served me was a girl who attended the child care facility I worked at 8 YEARS AGO, She is now 17 and a senior in high school….. oh my goodness, Where did time go? LOL


Jamaican Jerk
The Jamaican Jerk Burger: Jamaican jerk sauce, caramelized onions & tomato ( i had mine minus the caramelized onions)
                  Voila! My meal!

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