Monday Motivation: Take Time to Smell the Roses….

Hi guys!

Just a quick post today! Over the course of the last few weeks , my family has been really going through it emotionally. Sometimes when you are going through a tough time, it’s really hard for you “see the light at the end of the tunnel” and ever think that life will ever be normal or okay again. But today I want to this post to serve as a reminder that your skies won’t always be gray. The rain will stop and the sun will shine again! So while you are blessed to see another sunrise, cherish the little things that make life what it is.

I read a book a few years back called the “The Book of Awesome”. It is actually a great little book full of little things that you wouldn’t even think to be awesome, but when you actually stop and think about it, you can appreciate how amazing the little things in life are! For example, the smell of freshly baked cookies.. AWESOME! Hearing your favorite song on the radio as soon as you get in the car…. AWESOME. Coming home to moms home cooking… AWESOME! Things like that just make you smile. I recently purchased this book for a friend for her birthday.. I might have to do a re-read 🙂 .

As you grow older life becomes so complicated. It becomes harder to stay connected to each other as adulthood and responsibility come into play. Our lives become so busy that we barely have time for ourselves much less others!  I encourage everyone to take some time out  to stop and smell the roses! Don’t let life become so busy that it literally passes you by!

                                                  Love this quote!

Happy Monday Y’all !

Ps This week I’m jamming on that new Janet Jackson joint “No Sleep” enjoy! ( sidebar I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until Sept 15!!! JJ at the Air Canada Centre.. tickets in hand! 🙂


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