Monday Motivation: A Lovely Day!

Hey y’all!

I’m tired….tired…. tired… lol it’s 730 pm and I am exhausted! I’m currently laying down in my bed with my laptop beside me, IPad on the other side of me, dozing off. But I still wanted to come on here and drop a few lines!

It was an AWESOME weekend! The weather was beautiful! ( finally) Here is Southern Ontario, Canada it can be snowing at 7 am, raining by 11 am, hailing at 12 pm and bright and sunny by 4! (lol) So to have 3 glorious days of plus 25 degree Celsius ( 77 degrees Fahrenheit) weather is alright in my books!

I spent my Friday evening at a town fair. I rode a Ferris Wheel… ( anybody who knows me knows I am deathly afraid of heights!!) I held on to the railing like it was life support! It was fun though! Glad I did It!

Saturday and Sunday were spent enjoying the weather at birthday parties, barbecues and church of course!  ( see the quick clip video  of my Ferris Wheel adventure on my Instagram page: phiasowind )

Then came “beloved” Monday morning. Monday means back to work ( I only work Monday  to Friday) back to the grind, back to the hustle and flow! Usually, I wake up and start my day with a roll of the eyes and the quintessential “ugh”. But today I decided “nah” I’m not going to do that! I’m going to be grateful for the chance I was given to wake up again, and start off the work week with positive energy. Positive thoughts, breed positive actions which create positive days! So happy Monday everyone! I trust and hope that your week will be BEAUTIFUL!

P.S Don’t forget to smile! It does wonders for your attitude! Even when you don’t feel like it, do it anyway!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Here’s two songs I was jamming on today which just helped lift my mood to extreme heights of happiness!

Lovely Day ( Kirk Franklin)

Sweeter ( John P Kee) I’ve been jamming on this song for at least 20 ( yes 20)years!



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