Wednesday Weekly Reads: Short Week

Hey guys!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Wednesday Weekly Reads! This is going to be a quick one. This week I was able to able to finish up ” Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe” By Max Lucado with Candace Lee and Eric Newman. It was a very quick read! I managed to finish this up in a day and a bit. I enjoyed this story quite a bit. I did find some parts of the story quite embellished .The whole angels living and working among us aspect was a little far-fetched. Not that I don’t believe that God dispatches angels around us to protect us from harm and danger, however I found that the author kind of made that part of the story a little unbelievable. Overall, it was a feel good story, with a predictable feel good ending: just a quick feel good book 🙂 . If you’re looking for something light to read, pick this one up.


Next, as I said I would, I picked up,  ” The Garden of Burning Sand” by Corban Addison. I just picked it up yesterday for about 30 minutes and I’m already 50 pages in! This is a pretty deep read as it with some pretty dark issues ( life in Zambia, race relations, rape , child abuse, crime) I know this book will be one that draws me in and I can’t wait to finish this one up.


The last thing I read this week was my Bible study devotional “Women of the Bible” .My girlfriends and I completed our study on Sarah. What an awesome study it was. It was really eye-opening to see Sarah through different eyes. What turmoil she must have been in; childless, feeling worthless and desperate. How she felt , is how we feel sometimes. Sarah’s struggle encourages me to wait on God. He doesn’t work on our time, but His timing is always right! Continue to wait on Him!!  This week we are studying “Hagar” who was Sarah’s handmaid( servant). Looking forward to diving into her story!

Closing Prayer of this weeks devotional.

In addition to my devotional, I plan to finish  “The Garden of Burning Sand” by Corban Addison.  I have no idea what I want to read if I finish this book so I’m going to leave that open!

Happy Reading!



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