Monday Motivation: Get Moving!

Hello Everyone!

The birds are chirping,the sun is shining; spring has sprung! That means it’s the time of year where I actually feel motivated to get active and “work out”. Now, I am by no means a gym rat . I actually HATE the gym. It’s sooooooo boring to me. I can’t stand the closed confined of the gym….BORING! ( no disrespect to those of you who love the gym it’s just not for me 🙂 ) Don’t get me wrong I love a good zumba/socacize class but it takes more than just that to stay in shape

So what do I do to stay in shape? I use the great outdoors as my gym. I love to go for walks in my neighborhood in the early mornings when the dew is still on the grass and the sun is barely peeking out. Now I am usually not a morning person at all. I mean I wake up at 6 am each and every day, but to actually get out of bed is the real struggle( the struggle is REAL y’all lol :P) However, with the nice weather, I force myself to get up and get out there! I love walking in the morning because it gives my mind a peaceful way to slowly wake up. I usually throw on a sermon or a podcast or a worship playlist during this walk so I can start my day off centered and grounded.

I also enjoy power walking/jogging in the evenings or even on my lunch break. I love to throw on some awesome soca and waist-winding African beats and I can walk or jog all day LOL 🙂

If the weather isn’t co-operating ( or if its winter) I like to do some Yoga. Now I don’t do Yoga in the conventional sense.So think Yoga minus the traditional meditation aspect. I just love the stretching aspect of the Yoga practice.

I also like to Rollerblade! It’s probably my favorite outdoor activity! I just love throwing on my Bauer skates and just blading through my hood . In my city there is this place called the Bayfront that has these beautiful trails to ride and blade and enjoy. Also at this place on Friday nights there is an outdoor roller rink with a dj and every thing! Such a good time. Good clean fun and exercise. Great family activity or even a date night 🙂 ❤

Another  thing I like to do is cardio skipping. As up right now I have been using a regular skipping rope, but this year I am going to purchase a weighted skipping rope or a speed rope. Both of these ropes will help increase strength and agility. I’m really looking forward to adding that to my regimen.  Also, I love to use a hula hoop. Yes, I know it’s juvenile but you have no idea how beneficial it is for you. Great cardio workout, good for your heart and spine. Check out this article on all the benefits here:
IRogue Foam Grip Jump Ropes

I also just love to dance.Any opportunity I get to dance I will take it ! Even if it’s just in my house I will rock out by myself 😛 I also love to play soccer, and when my schedule allows I like to play on a recreational or rep team.

Lastly, the most important thing to see the results of these activities is to keep your diet in check! Drink lots of water, get adequate sleep.

Whatever it is that motivates you whether it be a fitness goal or just for the love of activity, take advantage of the beautiful weather and get moving!! Till next time…



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