imageDo you ever get bored or tired of doing the same old thing? Well I do! That’s kind of where I am right now! Bored! I needed something fresh to do, a new hobby of some sort. So where do I start? I have been looking for an outlet to explore my love of writing for a long time. Should I write a book (I still might) Do I keep a personal journal ( i do that too) or why not be tech savvy and start a blog? Ding ding ding!!! I gave myself until February 1st to get the courage to actually do this! So here it is! So what am going to blog about? Just about everything!!!! Things that are important to me such as my faith, my love of makeup( I’m by no means a  guru) fashion and everyday living will be featured! I don’t know how often I’ll blog but I’ll try my best to be consistent ! Take this journey with me!! xoxo

Just Love Them Anyway!!


5 thoughts on “Hey!!

  1. Love that you are doing this. It’s just a great way to channel your thoughts and you can always come back and reflect on how life was in this very moment.. months from now. Blogging about your life/experiences is an awesome way to grow as a person. PROUD OF YOU!!!


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