Monday Motivation: Music For The Monday Blues…

Monday Motivation: Music For The Monday Blues…

Hey y’all!

Sorry that there was  no Style Sunday post yesterday. My entire household is battling the flu and low and behold it got me! So needless to say, my Sunday outfit consisted of black and red checkered pyjamas! Sexy! 😛

The flu is still lingering and that  just has me feeling blah! What puts me in a good mood? Music! I thought I’d put together a quick playlist of some of the songs that always manage to put a smile on my face. In particular order

  1. Summer Rain- Carl Thomas
  2. Blessings of Abraham-  Donald Lawrence and the Tri City Singers
  3. I Feel Good- Beres Hammond
  4. Candy Girl- New Edition
  5. Whoa Donkey- Byron Lee
  6. Dollar Wine- Byron Lee ( if I don’t hear this at a wedding, the whole wedding was a flop LOL just kidding…)
  7. I Call Him G.O.D- Canton Jones
  8. Murder She Wrote- Chaka Demus and Pliers
  9. One Thing- Marvin Sapp
  10. Is There Anybody Here – Deitrick Haddon
  11. Cut it Off- Dj Nicholas
  12. Danza Kuduro-  Don Omar ft Lucenzo
  13. Giving You Sunlight – The Grace Thrillers ( any Jamaican COGOP will understand :P)
  14. Hold Yuh- Gyptian
  15. Tearin’ Up My Heart-  N’SYNC
  16. Le Kwa Uku- Iyanya
  17.  We Walk By Faith/Oh how Wondrus- John P Kee
  18. Smile – Junior Kelly
  19. Runners- Lecrae
  20. Cook- Lexxus
  21.  Any song on the Dirty Money Riddim ( More Prophet, Ring mi Cellie etc…)
  22. I Came- Marvin Sapp
  23. Set Me Free- Myron Butler
  24. Ghetto People Chant- Silhouette
  25. Johnny- Yemi Alade
  26. Pump Up The Jam- Technotronic
  27. Anything Dance Mix 94-96 ( literally the soundtrack of my preteen years :p)
  28. One Dance- Drake
  29. Open Heaven ( River Wild) – Hillsong Worship  ( I may or may not be a tad obsessed with this song…. lol)
  30. Hypnotize- Biggie Smalls

And my all time favourite pick me up ( and karaoke song) is….. I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston.  How can you possibly stay blue when this song comes on?? Whatever’s getting you down today, throw on one of these jams and dance it off!

Have and amazing Monday and fantastic blues free week!


So… I Think I Actually May Like Country Music…

So guys….

I’m pretty eclectic in my music choices. I like pretty much much everything from Aerosmith to Zhane…. but one genre I could never really delve into was country ( well that and “screamo”) But, I recently began watching a show on Netflix on a whim called “Nashville” and  3 full seasons later I am hooked ( and am currently in the middle of the 4th season.. lol Netflix binge watching at its finest!)  Nashville is fictional  a showed based around the lives of country music stars! Alongside the great plot lines, there is some really great country music used  as the soundtrack!

I decided to look through my Itunes library and I realized I actually have quite a large collection of country music on my Ipod ( lol) who knew??!

So I decided to share my  favorite  country songs! ( in no particular order)

  1.  Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapleton:  I heard this man sing a song with Justin Timberlake and was so captivated by his voice so I had check him out and fell in love with this rendition of the song. His album is also actually really good! He is super talented.

2. Landslide- Stevie Nicks: I also really enjoy the Dixie Chicks version! Sigh… who am I??

3. Leann Rimes: How do Live: I remember having this on a cd I used for the little guys in my preschool classroom to go to sleep to. It’s also a karaoke favorite now too! ( lol)

4. Rascal Flats- Bless the Broken Road: Another hit on the preschool playlist! My kids last year actually by the end of the year knew this song word for word! I blame my teaching partner,( shout out to you Jess lol) she had a mild obsession with this song and would play it on repeat! I think we may have slightly brainwashed the kids with Rascal Flatts! Ooops!

5. Foolish Games-Jewel: Is Jewel technically considered country? Well if she is, I like one song by her! ( lol)

6. From This Moment- Shania Twain: Simply because it’s a beautiful song, and she’s Canadian!!!  I have to give an honorable mention to “You’re Still The One” ( another great song)

7. Crazy – Patsy Cline:  Truly a country great! She’s been covered by just about everyone! I also really enjoy ” I Fall To Pieces”. 

Last but certainly not least , what I consider to be my favorite country song of all time is  sung by none other that the legend that was Elvis Presley. Now as a black woman, I have taken a lot of flack for liking Elvis because of his “alleged” racist remarks about black people. However, there are so many different opinions out there and to me whether or not those remarks are true, I still really enjoy the song! ( sorry not sorry)  “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is my favorite country song! I can listen to this song over and over! Also, because I’m Jamaican,I can’t help but really love the UB40 version!! ( I’ll put both down below)

So that is it guys!  Do you guys like country music? If so, What are some artists I should check out? Old and new! I tell you, Nashville really opened my eyes to some great music!

Let me know!


Monday Motivation: Music

Monday Motivation: Music

Hey guys!

I love music. Anyone who knows me, knows music plays a big part in my life. I grew up in a Pentecostal church so gospel music is in my core. But I also grew up in a Jamaican household with parents who share my strong affinity for diverse music. So i grew up( and still do) listening to a vast variety of music like Mahalia Jackson and Andre Crouch , The Temptations ( my faves lol) and Otis Redding, Usher and Jodeci, Linkin Park and Tupac. I know such a weird musical palette.

I used to listen to everything mindlessly. “I’m just enjoying the beat” I used to say. But I realized that I really had to be careful with the content of the lyrics I was listening to.      ( The whole “Garbage In Garbage Out” term is a good example of this; whatever to put into your system is ultimately what you will put out.) As I got older, and deepened my relationship with Christ, I really had to take a step back and re-evaluate what I was listening to. Philippians 4:8 reads,

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

I don’t think Rihanna’s new song “B***h better have my money” fits into the category of things that are “pure” and “honorable” or “worthy of praise”. So that’s pretty much the scripture that I try to base my choice of music on. Now I’m not here preaching and pretending that I only listen to gospel music,but I would say that 85 percent of my choices are gospel 🙂  What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good love song or a reggae ( not dancehall) tune. 🙂

Ultimately, I think that it is important that you base your choices on your own personal convictions. If you are a believer of the Christian faith( and have established a relationship with the Holy Spirit) certain things( songs) just won’t feel okay for you to listen to. Pay attention to lyrical content. Even if you aren’t a Christian, you should try to fill your mind with content that is uplifting and positive.

So on that note ,I thought I’d leave you with a few songs I have been listening to over the past little while.

Tasha Cobbs:
Album: Grace
Genre: Gospel/Inspirational
Songs on Replay: Happy, For Your Glory, Grace, Greater

Album: Anomaly
Genre: Gospel/Inspirational Hip Hop
Songs on Replay: Welcome to America, Dirty Water, Say I Wont, Runners, All I need is you

Mali Music
Album:Mali Is
Genre: Inspirational/R&B
Songs on Replay: The ENTIRE Album 🙂

I actually had the opportunity to meet him last November when I was part of a team of amazing and talented singers( hey GDC) singing back up for an up and coming gospel artist who my brother/friend Tyshan Knight. Mali is so humble and real and I think that’s why I love him as an artist even more. Looking forward to new projects. I think everyone I know is sick of hearing this album and his previous album 🙂

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Jazmine Sullivan again lately. I’ m so upset that I missed her in concert last month in Toronto.. sigh oh well next time. One track that I have been playing on repeat is “Forever Don’t Last”

In a previous blog I mentioned Tina Campbell’s Destiny as a song I was anticipating. The rough cut on Youtube is beautiful I can’t wait for the album release. ( It was supposed to be May 7th but it has been pushed back)

Lastly, I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show and Jamie Foxx was on. He debuted a snippet of a new song off his upcoming album “Hollywood: A story of a dozen roses”. I believe it’s coming out this month. Check out Jamie on Ellen here:

I’m supposed to be in love by now
It’s been so long for me I don’t know how
Been drowning in the sea of broken vows
But I’m supposed to be in love by now

I’ve been chasing a dream, now I’m chasing you
Running hard but my legs feel weak
I’d done played every part I’d done played a fool
Write the movie or be your lead
But I’m supposed to be in love today
Go through my phone and through them all away

In love by now….

Like wow…. cue the waterworks. I am literally sitting here on my bed typing this and bawling( anyone who knows me, knows i’m always bawling lol 😛 ) Such a talented artist ( even with that horrible USA anthem rendition at the Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight -_- ) and I don’t use the term “artist” loosely. I can say he is an artist because he is a classically trained pianist, writes his own lyrics, can sing well live and is a heck of a performer. I can’t wait to hear the finished product of this song and see what this album has to offer.

What are you listening to these days? Any new and upcoming artists I should know about? Let me know!