Monday Motivation: Chasing After You….

Hey guys!

Real quick post today!

Have you ever had to chase down a toddler? Those little legs of theirs move so quickly and it takes everything in you to catch them before they get too far away from you! It’s the same way I feel about my relationship with the Father (God). I will do anything I have to do, to not let him get too far out of my reach.  Has anybody here ever run track as part of a relay team? Well If you have, you’ll know that you have to get that baton into the hands of the next runner before its too late. If  you run out time, you are instantly disqualified.

I don’t want to be ( nor do I want anybody to be) disqualified from the gift of life! Life eternal that is! Which is why, right now, while we can, we should not only seek God but we should chase after Him. There should be such a desire to know God intimately, that the moment you feel Him slipping away there should be a frantic desire to be close to Him again!

Don’t fall too behind in the race that its nearly impossible to catch up! Meaning, don’t let God get too far away from you that its hard to make your way back to Him.

I’m constantly running God down (lol) I just want to be near to Him. Just like David. David was a man with many flaws. He disobeyed and let God down time and time again- just like me. But also like me was the fact that David LOVED God- scratch that, David was in love/awe of God. So no matter how far he strayed from his calling, He always admitted his flaws. He chased after God and with that he brought a heart of repentance.

I urge us all to continuously chase after God.  We ( this world ) needs Him close  now more than ever!

This totally wasn’t the post I wanted to post today, but I guess somebody ( maybe even me) needed this reminder today!  It’s so funny  that as I was typing my original post, I had Facebook on in the background. There popped up a video of my cousin leading worship and singing the song, “Chasing After You ” by Vashawn Mitchell. How fitting! Have a listen down below and have a blessed Monday!

I’m chasing after You, no matter what I have to do
‘Cause I need You more and more…
I’m chasing after You, no matter what I have to do
‘Cause I need You, Lord, more and more…

More and more
More and more
More and more
More and more

I’m chasing after You
Praising my way through, yeah
Just to be closer to You, Lord
I’m chasing after You, Lord


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