Monday Motivation: Your Grace…

Hey y’all

Quick post today. This wasn’t the direction I was planning on going in today  but I woke up with this song on my heart and I had to share.

I’ve been through alot in my short 3 decades of life. Lots that many who do know me personally could even attest to. But I am who am I today simply because of God’s grace. Even when I made crazy life choices, and stepped  out of the will of God, His grace kept me.  Even the simplest things  that I couldn’t even imagine  God would have his hand in, He was right there. Let me give one quick example:

I take transit to work. The transit stop is a 6 minute walk from my house. I always have the same pattern. Playlist queued up. Headphones in. Cross the street, stay on the left side. Walk to the intersection. Cross the road to the right side and wait.  One morning in particular as I left my house, I heard a voice. ( stay with me here, I promise you I’m not crazy :p) That voice said, “Soph, take your headphones out and walk on the right side of the street.” I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I just crossed the road to the right side instead of the left. I walked in a quiet still silence until I reached the corner of the major intersection that I would’ve originally crossed. As I was turning the corner to walk over to my transit stop, I saw a van about to make a left turn on a yellow light. Coming from the other direction was another car straight ahead. Neither yielded and…. BAM!  Screeching tires…Accident! The van that was turning left was hit so aggressively that  it flipped a number of times and landed on the sidewalk…….. RIGHT AT THE CORNER THAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN STANDING AT THAT VERY MOMENT!  Like literally, had I not listened to that voice that told me to walk on the right side, I would have most definitely been crushed by that van and would not be here writing this today…. I SHOULD BE DEAD!  I didn’t process that right away, but once I got to work and called my mom to tell her what happened, I broke down! Shook me right to my core and each time I think about that incident, I tear up in gratitude. It may seem simple to you, but much was learning  happened in those few moments that will stay with me forever. As a little girl, my mom always taught me to say a prayer before you leave the house and I always did… out of routine. But that day brought to life the importance of covering yourself ( and your family/ loved ones) before stepping out. There are so many dangers out there that you can not see. Take a moment to acknowledge the One who is watching over you.

Where would I be without the grace of God? The protection of the Holy Spirit and importantly obedience to the Holy Spirit? ( That’s what the voice was)  That incident and countless others have shown me that the gift of grace is one to be treasured.

Grace is unmerited
Grace is free
Grace forgiveness
Grace is protection
God is grace

This song by “new” artist Bri Babineaux says it all. Check it out down below and have a blessed Monday and week!

Image result for bri babineaux


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