Wednesday Weekly Reads: March 4, 2015

Hey everyone,

It was a pretty successful reading week for me.:)  I managed to finish 2 books ; “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige and ” The 72 Hour Hold” by Bebe Moore Campbell. I also was able to get half way through my third book, which was on last weeks reading goals, “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. ( I will finish this by Friday)

girl train bebemoore dorothy

Let’s start with Dorothy Must Die, a dystopian spin on the classic tale of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz…… sooooooo  boring! I must admit it lured me in with an alternate approach with Dorothy in fact is the villain. You discover this within the  first twenty pages or so but then the plot just dragged on and on…**spoiler alert** In fact the story drags on so long that it makes a mockery of the title…Dorothy does NOT die….

I just found out that this is not a one-off book, it is actually a series that continues with, “The Wicked Will Rise” and a yet untitled third part to be released in 2017. I will not be continuing this series. I’m just grateful I borrowed this book from the library. 1.5 out of 5 stars and that’s being generous. 😦

Next, I completed the “72 Hour Hold” by Bebe Moore Campbell. (1950-2006) This book shines light on the face of mental illness. The main protagonist of this story is a mother whose 18-year-old daughter Trina is battling bipolar disorder. This story takes you on a mothers journey on getting help for her child by any means necessary. I find Bebe Moore Campbell was able to the skillfully compose this manuscript because she actually was a mother who had to help her daughter through her ongoing battle with mental illness. ( Her daughter is 90’s sitcom star Maia Campbell of the hit show “In The House” with LL Cool J”.) I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book for everyone to read. It truly made me even more empathetic towards those who are battling this disease.

Finally, I am currently reading “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. It has many similar plot lines as “Gone Girl” however the writing is very different. The protagonist of this story has a bit of a love affair with alcohol which makes interesting storytelling as she tries to piece together what she did while in a drunken stupor. It’s a quick read and I look forward to seeing how this story pans out

Along with these books, I also continued with my daily devotional, “Lent for Everyone“and am still maintaining my “no carbonated beverages” goal!! ( YAY me 🙂 )

This week I am going to finish The Girl on the Train and finish a e-book ” The Playboy’s Fugitive Bride by Ana. E. Ross(  Book Three in the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series. I have also read the first two books and they were excellent. )  I also want to start, ” The Pearl Who Broke It’s Shell” by Nadia Hashimi. ( Check out its plot line in my 2015 TBR blog )

ana pearl

Well, those are my reading goals for this week. What are yours? Happy Reading!



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