Monday Motivation : That Is Who You Are…

Monday Motivation : That Is Who You Are…

Hey my lovelies!

I hope this Monday is finding you well mentally, emotionally and spiritually! What a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been for me. I had to take a break from regularly scheduled blogging and just regroup . Image result for regroup

Do you ever find that when you go through some tough times, and you finally get a break… the stupid old devil just seems to rear his head and cause things to crumble again? Well, that has  been my reality over the past few weeks, and not only me, countless friends and family members around me seem to be experiencing the same thing.

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I was perusing my Facebook feed last night and one persons status kind of stopped me in my tracks..  It simply read, ” Overwhelmed…. breathe”

So many people are going through things and the people around them don’t even know! So many people are without hope and we all know that no hope leads people down a very dangerous path. Which is why I am so grateful to know God , who provides me with an insurmountable, indescribable hope. Trust me, I’ve been through things that have shaken my faith, but never have I been without hope. I really don’t know how people who feel all hope is lost survive and bounce back from their situations.  Without the hope that God provides, I certainly don’t think I would have.

This week alone, I had 3 people, from 3 different areas of my life, reach out to me and let me know that they were praying for me… and with that, my hope was strengthened. This week showed me that God is still in the business of answering prayers.

Yesterday, the worship team sang a song by Sinach called “Way Maker” that just spoke to me so deeply. There were a few lyrics that I truly connected with in that moment

” You wipe away all tears, you mend the broken hearts, you’re the answer to it all Jesus!”
( YES HE IS! )

But the lyrics that really got me were the ones in the chorus that said,”

“Way maker
Miracle worker
Promise keeper
Light in the darkness
My God
That is who you are!”

He makes a way when there is no way!
He works miracles every single day!
There is not a promise He has made, that He has not kept!

That’s the God I serve! If he did it for me,  He can and will do it for you!

Tonight, I want to leave you with this song… but most importantly I want to leave you with this prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending Him to die on a cross for someone as lowly and unworthy as me. Tonight Father, I just come to you on behalf of the brokenhearted, the down in spirit, those who have lost all hope. Wherever they are Lord, I ask that you wrap your arms around them and let them know that you are near. Lord let  them realize that if they let go of their situations and put them in your capable hands, you will do the rest. God I ask that you send the right people to physically meet them where they are. Let them know that you will never leave them or forsake them, and even when they can’t see you working, help them to remember that you are always working on their behalf. God I’m thanking you in advance for the breakthroughs you are going to disperse all over this world to those who have put their trust and hope in YOU!  ( me included :). )


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Keep praying for me as I continue to pray for you!

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Have a blessed Monday y’all
P.S Your girl is back!!!


Style Sunday: Skinny Jeans and a Bob Marley Tee…

Style Sunday: Skinny Jeans and a Bob Marley Tee…

Hey guys!

This weekend was a super busy! Just wanted to jump on here and share one of the outfits I wore!

I had a wedding rehearsal to go to this weekend, so I wanted to wear heels so I could get a feel for the aisle I had to walk down and see how my feet would hold up! I didn’t want to dress up though so I put together a casual outfit soph style! (My casual is still pretty glam lol)

I paired my favorite pair of light wash denim skinny jeans ( with a distressed knee) from Old Navy. This pair of jeans is from the “Curvy Skinny ” collection. This collection boasts that it is suitable for ” curvy shapes with a defined waist with stretch to hug your curves”  Y’ALL…… let me tell you about these jeans…… guys…. these jeans are LIFE! Absolutely my favorite pair of jeans to date. I always have to buy a size larger than I am to get a comfortable fit for my thick thighs and ahem… defined lower half! ( lol) But in these jeans, I can actually wear my real size!( and possibly a size lower!!) If you haven’t tried these jeans, you are missing out! Run! get you a pair!! : )

I added a tee from….. you guessed it… Forever 21 featuring the face of the legendary Bob Marley. Anything that is reminiscent of Jamaica ( I’m Jamaican 🙂 ) always catches my eye. I was in a minimalist kind of mood today so I was happy that this tee fit my vision. I enjoy the black and white streamlined  look of this t-shirt. Simple, yet effective.


It’s still pretty cold here where I live in Canada ( side-note: I honestly think global warming has shifted the timeline of our seasons , spring is now from May-July and summer runs from August-October… kinda sucks for our beautiful long “summer” days and nights…. anyway … I digress!
I had to pair this outfit with a blazer to keep me warm! A simple three quarter sleeve black  boyfriend blazer did the trick. I purchased this item a long time ago from a store called “Dynamite” . I found a similar one here

large image view

Finally, I threw on my trusty little black booties from Payless! Honestly, the most comfortable pair of booties I own. To finish up my look I added a solid, black floppy hat which complimented my loose beach wave curled hairstyle.

For my makeup, I went for a dark look. I kept my eye makeup minimal with liquid eye liner and mascara ( eye liner from Joe Fresh and today’s mascara was the tried trusted and true Maybelline Great Lash) and for my lips I paired MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner with a liquid lipstick from Stila called “Chianti” ( very similar to MAC’s “Smoked Purple”)

Have a wonderful and stylish week lovely people!

The Complete Outfit…
I really liked this filter (lol)


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

According to a father is described as:

  1. a male parent.
  2. a father-in-law, stepfather, or adoptive father.
  3. any male ancestor, especially the founder of a family or line;progenitor.
  4. a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider:

As a self-proclaimed ( and well-known) “daddy’s girl” I take the utmost pride in celebrating my father. There has never been a time that I can think of, that my dad wasn’t there for me. People may say that I was spoiled because my dad gave me everything I wanted as a child. But what they fail to see is the work ethic and responsibility he instilled in me from a very young age. At 10, I got my first “job” selling candy bars with my neighbour and his wife making only 1 dollar of every chocolate I sold. When I was 13 I wanted a cell phone so bad. I begged my mom ( she quickly shot that down) and didn’t succeed. I asked my dad and he told the most important thing that has still stuck with me until this day; ” If you want something you need to find a way to get it yourself. Don’t depend on people to get or give you anything. So you know what? Instead of asking him for a phone again, I begged him for a ride every Saturday to the mall where I worked a part-time under the table job at a bookstore . I saved up the money for a phone myself and never begged my parents for anything anymore. But because I stopped asking for things, and found a way to provide for myself, my dad ( and mom) gave me the world. Thanks guys!!! ( lol)

What I really respect about my dad is that he would rather go without then see me be upset. When things were financially rough on them when I was a child, I didn’t understand it. As a young kid, I would always want money to go to the corner store, or to buy McDonald’s 😛 . I didn’t understand then that they really didn’t have it to spare. But my dad always found a way to provide.

As a woman of faith, the relationship my earthly father has fostered with me physically is comparable to the relationship I have with God my heavenly father. God always provides for me what I need. He will go the ends of the earth ( or up on a wooden cross) to ensure that my life is not in vain.Sometimes He has to give you a little nudge to motivate you to get things in order and use the gifts He has given you to succeed.

I am so blessed to be in contact with my earthly father and my heavenly father! My earthly father has shown me a physical example of a man  and God has shown me that any man who is in my life needs to be a man after His own heart.

Whether you have a relationship with your earthly father or not, always remember that there is a Father up in heaven looking out for your best interests and working on your behalf! He loves you!

Be Blessed! Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, ( and those who play a fatherly role) may you be blessed today and forevermore!


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Me and My Pops! ❤

Two songs I was listening to today:

“He is jealous for me
Love’s like a hurricane, and I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me.

And oh
How He loves us oh
Oh how He loves us
how He loves us oh…”

“I want my unborn son to be like my daddy
I want my husband to be like my daddy
There is no one else like my daddy
And I thank you for loving me”