Food Files: Delicious Corn Bread Recipe…

Food Files: Delicious Corn Bread Recipe…


Hey guys!

Sorry about missing yesterday’s post but it was just one of those days where  a girl needed to hop in a hot bath, grab a beverage and soak my poor aching bones! However, I had a craving for something sweet, and since I’m on this healthy eating journey there is no”junk food” in my house.

So to satisfy my craving, I decided to make a cornbread. Not exactly the healthiest way to curb my craving but hey…. 🙂 !  Now, people prepare and serve cornbread in various ways. Today, I will share with you a recipe I have been making for years passed down to me from my mother! So delicious!

What you will need:

  • cornmeal
  • flour
  • salt
  • sugar( white)
  • baking powder
  • milk
  • eggs
  • butter
  • a big bowl
  • a mixer ( a simple hand mixer will do)
  • a spatula
  • a sifter/stainer

Here is the recipe: 

Dry Ingredients: 
3/4 cups of cornmeal
1 cup of flour
1/3 cup of sugar
3 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp of salt

Wet Ingredients:
1 cup of milk
1 egg
3 Tbsp of butter melted


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Using Pam or melted butter, grease a baking pan. For this recipe, I used one 8- inch pan.
  3. While your oven is preheating, go ahead and melt 3 Tbsp( tablespoon) of butter in the microwave and set it aside.
  4. You are going to want to sift your dry ingredients into your bowl first. Sifting it will help the cornbread be as smooth as possible.
  5. After, add your wet ingredients!
  6. Using your mixer, mix everything together until you have a very smooth consistency. If you don’t have a mixer, a big spoon or a whisk will do, it will just take some extra arm power!
  7. Pour your batter into your greased pan and place it into the oven
  8. Bake for 30-40 mins or until golden brown and cooked all the way through. The easiest way to check is to use a knife  and poke it straight down the middle and if it comes out clean your bread is ready!

That’s it folks! Really simple to make and even better to eat! Try it and let me know how it turns out! I’m about to enjoy a slice with a cup of Earl Grey Tea!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Food Files: The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

Food Files: The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

Hey y’all,

Another “new” restaurant opened up in my city called, The Works. The Works, is a gourmet burger bar. This restaurant is new to my city but not new to me, I went to college in Ottawa Ontario and The Works was a widely popular eatery in that region. This franchise has many locations in Ontario. My girlfriends had never tried this place before, so we decided to check out the new location at one of our girls nights. ( and me being the lover of a good burger was down for the cause of course! :P)

The Works offers a variety of different meats for their burgers: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Veggie, Mushroom Cap, Cheese-Stuffed, Lean Elk. They also offer a variety of bun choices ranging from  white, whole wheat and gluten-free options. The choices are quite extensive. The burgers range from your ordinary cheeseburger ( Ho Hum #1) to wilder choices like the Hunka Hunka which boasts peanut butter, banana slices and bacon ( eek… not my cup of tea, especially since I’m allergic to peanut  butter  🙂 )

Ho Hum #1
Ho Hum #1 : Beef Burger and Cheddar Cheese.
Hunka Hunka
Hunka Hunka ( Peanut butter, banana slices and bacon)

What I particularly enjoy  about this menu and burgers is that they are all able to be customized to your specific preferences and dietary needs. Each burger comes with a specific set of toppings, but if you want to add something you can for a very low price ( 60 cents each additional topping) , At this establishment, you can also get sandwiches, poutine, bar drinks and dessert!

On this particular visit, I decided to be a little more daring than my regular old bacon cheeseburger choices ( see my posts on Chuck’s Burger Bar and The Burger’s Priest.) I decided to try a burger called the “Jamaican Jerk” Burger: Now being Jamaican, I highly doubted the spiciness of this burger so I added hot banana peppers to mine. Boy did this burger have a kick to it! I mean, it wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but it certainly is not a burger for the mild tongued ( Shanice don’t eat this one lol 😛 )  I enjoyed it a lot! To accompany my meal, I had the Get Baked Poutine (Fresh cut fries, gravy, shredded cheese, bacon, sour cream & green onions) So amazing! I would go back to The Works just for that!

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal and would encourage everyone to try this restaurant! It’s not the best burger I have ever eaten, but It was totally worth my money and it was really not harsh on my pockets at all! Oh and a super funny thing happened to me while I was there. The hostess that served me was a girl who attended the child care facility I worked at 8 YEARS AGO, She is now 17 and a senior in high school….. oh my goodness, Where did time go? LOL


Jamaican Jerk
The Jamaican Jerk Burger: Jamaican jerk sauce, caramelized onions & tomato ( i had mine minus the caramelized onions)
                  Voila! My meal!

Food Files: State & Main Kitchen and Bar

Food Files: State & Main Kitchen and Bar

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with State & Main.

Hi guys,

I’m back again with another edition of my food files. Awhile back, a new restaurant opened up in my city called State & Main Kitchen and Bar.(It is actually a Canadian chain of restaurants I became aware as I researched it) I visited this restaurant with a good friend of mine( heyyy Jess)  on a beautiful Wednesday evening. The skies were bright, the temperature perfect, so we decided to sit on the patio. ( Side note: As soon as we finished eating, the skies opened up and began to downpour! we got inside just in the nick of time) This was a restaurant that I had never been to before but Jess had and had nothing but great things to say about it. So I tried it out.

I absolutely LOVED this place. The inside of the restaurant has a cozy yet chic atmosphere. You could go here for a family meal, date night or for a fun night out with friends or co workers.  The patio space was also really nice. It was actually quite a large outdoor space furnished with umbrellas, lights and what appeared to be heaters ( since its August there was really no need for us to use heaters.)

The menu was  awesome. So many things to choose from. It took us a really long time to decide what we wanted ( shout out to our sever, she was so patient with us) What I really liked about this place is that you can adapt your order to your specifications. I know about places gripe about making substitutions , but this place did not.

I ultimately settled on  the BUFFALO CHICKEN CHEESE STEAK which consists of:

roasted chicken simmered in buffalo sauce, served on a grilled baguette with red peppers, slivered onions, banana peppers, melted cheddar & mozzarella cheese.( 

The nutritional details are:


NOTESIncludes sandwich in its entirety, side dishes not included
I modified my sandwich and instead of having this on a white bun, I substituted the bun for a red tortilla wrap,  You get a choice of two sides and I chose the jalapeno cheddar  mashed potatoes  ( Absolutely divine) and a ceaser salad. I also ordered a drink. I originally ordered a drink that I did not like and my gracious friend switched with me so I didn’t have to send it back. She had a pink lemonade with a twist . It was okay. Let’s just say if you’re looking for spectacular drinks, this is not the place ( my opinion)
I really enjoyed my food however. I couldn’t finish it so I packed it up and took it for lunch the following day! Just as good!

I would  totally recommend this restaurant to everybody! State & Main has locations in the following Canadian cities:

If you get a chance, check them out! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Till Next Time!!

Food Files: Chuck’s Burger Bar

Food Files: Chuck’s Burger Bar

Hi guys!

I’m back once again with another restaurant review. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good burger and apparently my city ( Hamilton) has a hidden gem in Chucks Burger Bar. I was watching an old episode of ‘You Gotta Eat Here” and I saw Chuck’s on there. I must say,as I watched, I was just salivating!

Let’s talk about my Chuck’s experience! It is pretty small( this is not the place to host a large birthday gathering) but it is so cozy inside. There is a long bar where there is seating available and then there are tables for two throughout the rest of the space. There are tv’s there showing mainly sporting events. Chuck’s is a fully licensed bar serving liquors and beer on tap and by the bottle.

Inspired by what I saw people order on the show, I ordered the “Guilty Pleasure” burger which is a burger made out of ground bacon ( yes I said ground bacon) I had that with a classic poutine on the side. In hindsight, I probably could have done without the poutine because the burger was so filling but.. YOLO (lol)

This burger was probably one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life! It was so juicy and seasoned to perfection. It was cooked medium well which really allowed the flavours to come through. The bun was so soft, which  made the burger so easy to maneuver, Mind you, it is inevitable, that you are going to get a little messy eating  this burger so this might not be first date worthy! 😛

Guilty Pleasure Burger with a Poutine Quebecois 🙂
What my cousin got… cant remember what she chose! it was equally as good she said!

Chuck’s is also note worthy for its poutine. The menu offers a variety of different kinds such as a lobster poutine or a grilled veggie poutine or the classic poutine Québécois. Next time I go I think I will try a novelty poutine

For those of you who aren’t Canadian and don’t know what a poutine is, here is a definition:

  1. a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.
    ( sooooooooo goooooood) 🙂

Chuck’s Burger Bar is located on Locke St in Hamilton Ontario, (194 Locke St S) Parking is a little difficult down there as it is limited to street parking so we actually walked from the downtown core and that took us about 15 minutes walking briskly 🙂

The prices are pretty reasonable for a gourmet burger bar ranging from 8-15 dollars for a meal ( burger, coleslaw, fries and a pickle)

I would encourage anybody in the Hamilton or greater surrounding area to pop into Chucks and try one these great burgers!  I certainly will be back.  Grab your mate or a pal and indulge in this great food experience!