Tea and Crepes at Cafe Cristal…

Tea and Crepes at Cafe Cristal…

Hey y’all

I’m visiting Ottawa  for the Thanksgiving season and my cousins and I decided to go and grab a bite to eat.  They mentioned to me about a great place to get amazing crepes- Cafe Cristal. So off we went!


At first glance, when you pull into the parking lot and see the sign, it seems like just your regular run of the mill mom and pop hipster spot. But folks, this place is so much more. As I entered the building, I was immediately transfixed by the sheer elegance of the place. Beautiful floral arrangements, elegant mirrors, very classic furnishings. It was cozy enough to feel like I was in my own home yet opulent enough to feel like a classy cafe in Paris.



Now let’s talk about the food. I chose to try out the French Toast crepe. The sweet taste of the French toast was mirrored by the savoury taste of 3 scrambled eggs. I wasn’t positive I was going to like it but I was pleasantly surprised! The crepe was light and fluffy and extremely filling. I paired my meal with a large cup of Earl Grey Tea which complimented my meal choice perfectly.


If you are not in the mood for crepes, Cafe Cristal offers many other food options such as waffles, a variety of desserts, sandwiches and a plethora of other cold and hot drinks. Cafe Cristal also offers… wait for it…. free wifi! ( LOL) which makes this place a great spot to bring your laptop to and get some work done.


If you are ever in the Ottawa, Ontario area, get yourself over to Cafe Cristal.- you will not be disappointed .

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Food Files: My Burger’s Priest Experience….

Food Files: My Burger’s Priest Experience….

Ahh… the eagle has landed  and by eagle, I mean The Burger’s Priest has finally made its way to my city! I have long been anticipating trying these burgers that a lot of people I know were raving about. But  it seemed like every time I was in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area) some other eatery trumped The Burger’s Priest. Well what a joy It was for me to find out that not only was one coming to my city ( which is 45 minutes west of Toronto) but It was coming literally one highway exit away from my house which is the equivalent of a 7 minute drive! Woo hoo!

So.. Canada Day… ( July 1st) what better day to try it out. Boy did I get the shock of my life when I got there and the line was literally out the door. The pangs of hunger were literally eating me alive so I had to forgo it one more time. I was determined to get back there by the end of the week. Friday rolled around  and I decided to give a go. I left work and headed over…. greeted once again by lines longer than a boring work day :P…I left again mouth salivating from the amazing aroma permeating from the building but this time I glanced at the hours of operation and made a plan to get there bright and early Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning. Bright and early. Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a morning person. If I don’t have to be up… I’m not! However, I wanted to seriously try this restaurant so I made the sacrifice. Boy what a great sacrifice it was! The location in my city opened at 11:30 am on Saturday morning. My cousin and I ( I dragged her along as she is as much if not more of a foodie than I am 🙂 )got there around 11:25 am and there was already a bunch of people pulling into the parking lot . Luckily, we were at the front of the line. 🙂

For my first Priest experience I wanted to keep it simple. I ordered the bacon double cheeseburger with all the toppings ( minus onions). What I love about this burger is that the burger is grilled to perfection. You can taste all the flavours of the well seasoned beef as opposed to other places where there is a tendency to taste more of a grill/charcoal taste.  Let me talk about the bun,,,, the bun was THE SOFTEST bun I have ever had! It was so light and fluffy. I also enjoyed the fact that this particular burger was not messy! You know how when you have a big burger with all the fixins’, sometimes it can get really messy and the condiments can drip and run all down your hands…. not this burger! Big plus! I enjoyed the decor of this location. Simple yet quaint and had a very down to earth homey feel. The fries were amazing! I didn’t have enough room for a shake this time! But that is definitely a reason to return! There are so many amazing things I want to try!

                                               The Menu
All in all, the food was great! The atmosphere was amazing and the customer service was fantastic! I would encouraged everyone to give this place a try.

What I ate.. Bacon Double Cheeseburger with fries and                                     soda on the side 🙂
Another reason I wanted to support this business(chain/franchise?) is because the owner is married to a dear friend of mine from high school ( hey Emma girl!!) Not only do I want to support my friends in all of their endeavors, I am also so thrilled that place not only sells good food, but is also not ashamed to share the gospel! ( Yay Jesus 🙂 ) This place is the ultimate example of God’s faithfulness to His people. Trust in Him and watch your empire grow and your destiny be fulfilled! I wish nothing but higher heights for this burger chain! If you are ever in the Toronto ( or  even Edmonton) area, give The Burger’s Priest a try!! They truly are ” redeeming the burger one at a time!”

            On the wall of The Burger’s Priest Hamilton