Are They Worth The Hype: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink..

Hey guys,

I’m back again with another product review. I haven’t really been buying many new makeup items as I’m trying to use up the products I already own. But, I had been seeing these advertised everywhere and a girlfriend of mine told me about these lip products and I wanted to check them out for myself to see what the hype was about!

As Maybelline is a drugstore brand, these lip  products are relatively inexpensive.  I was able to scoop up the two I am reviewing here today for a whopping…. wait for it… $5.99 each! I believe they retail for approximately $10.00 dollars when regularly priced.

I picked up two colours to try. A deep true red in the shade “Pioneer” and a pinkish purple hippie in the shade “Creator”.  Here is my honest review on these products.

The Packaging: 

The packaging is pretty basic. The body of the package is the shade of the lipstick you selected. The lid is white with the words SuperStay Matte Ink on it. It is a rectangular shaped tube as opposed to a cylinder shaped tube that most of my other liquid lipsticks come in.

The Applicator:

The applicator is a little different than a regular doe foot applicator. This applicator has more of a cotton swab type shape and there is a little groove in the middle. That little groove is kind of weird as it holds quite a bit of product which makes for a tricky application.  However,I do like that the tip of the applicator is slightly pointed so I can use it to line my lips before application.


This applicator is like a sponge so as it holds a lot of product, there is the potential for mess. I’d advise to wipe off some of the product on the tube before applying them to your lips.  It doesn’t apply patchy which is a huge bonus. There was a nice clean application with both shades I tried.

The Product: 

This product is the EPITOME of long wear. I literally put this on in the morning. Ate (greasy pizza… don’t judge me lol) drank, snuggled the babies at work and looked in the mirror at about 3pm and my lipstick was still POPPIN!:)  However, getting this product off was challenging, especially the purple one! I used my Garnier Micellar Water and there was still residue. Coconut oil was my friend when it came to removing this product.   There wasn’t that many colour choices either ( where I live anyway) your basic reds, purple, pink and mauve shades, nothing really too bold or exciting…

How Does It Feel: 

Most liquid lip products are super drying, however this one is not. It can actually be quite sticky I found if you apply more than one layer.  In my opinion, it is better to let the first layer dry completely ( this may take a few minutes) before you apply another layer.

Would I say these products are worth the hype?  Nah!  I definitely won’t  reach for these first when I’m choosing a lip product and I probably won’t repurchase them.

But for people who are just starting out on their makeup journey and you don’t want to spend loads of money on a lip product, I would give these ones a try.  The product itself is good, and looks beautiful on my lips but I have certainly used better. ( No shade though Maybelline ! I love your products!!)

– lots of product
– clean application
– budget friendly price

-weird applicator
– product Is a little sticky

That’s it folks!

What products have you been trying lately? Let me know!!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This content is not sponsored.




One thought on “Are They Worth The Hype: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink..

  1. Ive seen this a lot of the internet recently and not sure how I feel about them myself…. not something I would go for so dunno whether to try them out or not. Nice review 🙂


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