Merry Christmas: The Greatest Gift Is Love…

Hey guys!

Quick post here! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas Day and is continuing to have a wonderful holiday season. As I sat wrapping Christmas presents on Christmas Eve( I did all my shopping on Christmas Eve this year because I was travelling and I suffer from procrastination…. le sigh lol) I began reflecting on this whole gift giving thing and how we ( even Christians ) sometimes  lose sight of the true meaning and reason why we annually celebrate Christmas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to give ( and receive lol) a good gift, however there is a song by Kirk Franklin that to me really summarizes what the true gift is!

The lyrics that stand out to me read:

[Verse 1]
The greatest gift for me
Is not under the tree
But it lays deep inside
And with hope it comes alive

It’s not a holiday
Nor is it in words I say
But it comes from above
The greatest gift from
God is love
The greatest gift is

God is the greatest gift you could ever receive! His love is unchanging, unadulterated, unending. Love is the solution to so many issues that we face in our society today. We all need love and God is love!

So whether your tree was loaded with presents or you had none at all, take heart in knowing that God loves you and thats the greatest gift of all!!!

Have a blessed Monday!



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